Meet the Specialist, Brian Skeen, H.I.S.

Brian Skeen has been working in the hearing industry for many years. He started with the largest hearing aid dispensing company in New England before moving on to one of the largest hearing aid dispensing company in the USA.

After years of helping hundreds of people correct their hearing and achieving incredible success rates, it was time for a change. Brian wanted to be able to leave the sales aspect of hearing aids and focus on correcting hearing loss and providing the best customer service and hearing care. Brian achieved this by going to work for Mass Hearing Specialists.


No one says it better than our own patients. Discover true client feedback below:

“I was with the same clinic for 36 years and after meeting Brian, I can do much better at work and have been completely satisfied. I highly recommend Brian Skeen.”

~ Robyn T.

“Brian Skeen is a very competent man and fitted me with hearing aids with great success.”

~ Dr. Russell J.

“Being a doctor, I've been offered free hearing aids. I've tried going to other hearing centers and never found a hearing aid that was comfortable or sounded clear. Then I met Brian Skeen and he successfully fit me with two hearing aids that are completely natural. I would highly recommend Brian for your hearing needs.”

~ Dr. Philip H.

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A Success Story

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must say more than we could ever type; click below to hear one of our patients with your own ears.

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